Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Camp Timings: 9am – 4pm | Ages 6+ | $325 Full-day Week | $200 Half-day Week

Extended Care until 5:30pm with additional $15 per day

Sibling receive $10 off (call us)

Early Bird Special: Register By April 1st and receive $50 off

Use Code*: SUMMER20

*Applies only on full week camp


  • Robotics – Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Engineering – Biomedical, Electronic, Environmental & Mechanical
  • Computer Programming & Advanced Coding
  • Game Making 
  • Virtual Reality
  • Entrepreneurship – Finances
  • Physical Computing


Children Bring Lunch and Water Bottle and a (2)* Healthy Snacks. *Full Day Campers



Questions: Contact 847-701-5651     Email:

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Summer Camp 2019

STEM For Kids is proud to announce Summer Camps in NW Suburbs.
Very unique program combinations and flexible schedules to suit all grade levels K – 8.
If you are not sure which program best suits your child call us and we would be happy to guide you.

We go the extra mile to make sure kids learn while having fun and help establish a learning path.

CAMP TIMINGS : 9AM – 4PM |Ages 5+ | $275 Full-day Week | $175 Half-day Week
Early Birds register by March 31st and receive $25 off on weekly price.
Promo Code: SUMMER19 

Siblings receive additional $10 off each
No Camp July 1st – July 5th

St.Colette Catholic School, 3940 Pheasant Drive, Rolling Meadows, IL -60008

Weeks Program Descriptions Timings
06/10/19 – 06/14/19           FULL DAY CAMP : Minecraft Game Making  +  Mechanical Engineering – Motion Commotion I 9AM – 4PM
AM  – Minecraft Game Making PM : Motion Commotion 9AM – 12PM        1PM – 4PM      
06/17/19 – 06/21/19 FULL DAY CAMP: Entertaining Bots  +  Computer Programming  9AM – 4PM
AM : Entertaining Bots PM : Computer Programming 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
06/24/19 – 06/28/19 FULL DAY CAMP: Movie Animation +  Mechanical Engineering – Motion Commotion II 9AM – 4PM
AM : Movie Animation PM : Motion Commotion II 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
07/08/19 – 07/12/19         FULL DAY CAMP : Entrepreneurship – Build to Market Challenge  +  Website Design Lab 9AM – 4PM
AM : Entrepreneurship Challenge PM : Website design lab  9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
07/15/19 – 07/19/19 FULL DAY CAMP: Minecraft Game Making  + Inside Me  9AM – 4PM
AM : Minecraft Game Making PM: Inside Me! 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
07/22/19 – 07/26/19 FULL DAY CAMP: EV3 Mindstorm Robotics + Computer Programming  9AM – 4PM
AM : EV3 Mindstorm Robotics  PM : Computer Programming 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
07/29/19 – 08/02/19 FULL DAY CAMP: Hitting the Funny Bone  +  Rise of the Bots 9AM – 4PM
AM : Hitting the Funny Bone  PM : Rise of Bots 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM

Holy Family Catholic Academy, 2515 W Palatine Rd, Inverness, IL, 60067

Weeks Program Descriptions Timings
06/24/19 – 06/28/19    FULL DAY CAMP: Hitting the Funny Bone + Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robotics 9AM – 4PM
AM : Hitting the Funny Bone             PM : Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robotics 9AM – 12PM 1PM – 4PM
07/08/19 – 07/12/19 FULL DAY CAMP : Computer Programming + Mechanical Engineering – Motion Commotion II 9AM – 4PM
AM : Computer Programming I                     PM : Mechanical Engineering – Motion Commotion II   9AM – 12PM    1PM – 4PM   
07/15/19 – 07/19/19 FULL DAY CAMP: Entertaining Bots + Minecraft Game Making  9AM – 4PM
AM : Entertaining Bots PM : Minecraft Game Making 9AM – 12PM  1PM – 4PM 

Students will be grouped by grade level. Students bring their own lunch. Snack will be provided.

For Program descriptions and Enrollment visit our website.

Questions : Call 847-701-5651

Fantastic Summer!!!

Summer Camp came to an end this week and we had an awesome summer camp at New Hope Community Church.

Kids explored the fun of machines and mechanics and learned about Gravity, Laws of Motion, Magnetic Forces and Roller Coaster.

They did hands-on-activities to learn all the concepts of mechanical engineering to understand Inertia using coins, made a paper ball to learn about force and played with balloons to learn action-reaction.

They designed a speedy car using all the three laws of Motion. Children came up with their own design in building a car and tested the car to see how far their car can go.

Our big project was to Design and build a zipline that goes from one side of the table to another; eliminate a given friction on the zipline using different strings.

Children then learnt about Magnetic forces. Experiment with magnets that help move an object through designing and building a Maze game.

Also Designed and built a maglev train; Experiment on how far the train can travel with the help of attracting or repelling magnets.

The exciting week was where Children also designed and build their own Roller Coaster learning about Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy.

The week of Robotics was one of the favorite weeks for Children where they build their own Robots and programmed using WeDo Kits. They build and programmed a Milo Science Rover, Robo Car, Rescue Helicopter, Robo Alligator, Pulling Machine and a Vaccum Cleaner.

Simple machines concept helped children to understand how we use them daily like, screws, hinges, spring, Pulley, Lever, etc.

Children learnt about renewable and non-renewable energies and how we need to protect our nature by using renewable energies and how fossile fuels harm the environment.

The last week of the camp was all about computer programming, coding and game making, in which children designed their own games.

Inspiring STEM Learning in Young Children in the Chicago Suburbs

Morrisville, NC and Palatine, IL 5/9/18 

Entrepreneurs and technologists, Neelima Bandi and Sandeep Manthena, are bringing STEM For Kids’ programs to the North West Chicago Suburbs surrounding Palatine, Schaumburg, Bloomingdale, Roselle and Barrington .

Neelima-Bandi-Illinois-NorthWest-Chicago-Suburbs-FranchiseBoth are Masters in Electrical Engineering with 24 years of collective corporate experience in engineering and software industry.

Neelima comes with a background in database administration.

In today’s world of big data, massive amounts of data are being collected and stored by organizations around the world. The ability to access and analyze this data has become an imperative.  100 terabytes of data are uploaded to Facebook daily! Walmart handles more than 1 million customer transactions every hour, which is imported into databases estimated to contain more than 2.5 petabytes of data. To put world’s data into perspective, they amount to about 200 billion HD movies which would take a person 47 million year to watch!

When consumers run their credit check at Transunion, or when banks / institutions run credit reports, web applications rely on backend databases to generate the reports, chances are that Neelima’s work is brought into action.

Big data experience coupled with a passion for teaching & working with children, inspires Neelima to ignite sparks of STEM in young minds. She said,

“As a mother of two children, I get inspired by the way they ask questions and awed by their creativity in arts projects. In today’s digital world, there is so much potential to tap that creative energy early on.  I see that first hand with my children and that made me explore STEM options to complement their traditional school education.”

Thinking about why they selected STEM For Kids, Neelima said,

“We explored STEM opportunities in the area but every one of them fell short compared to the breadth of STEM For Kids curriculum.”

When he is not working, Sandeep enjoys coaching children on soccer and basketball games. He said,

“Neelima & I always wanted to start something of our own, not just any business but something relevant to our backgrounds. When we heard the STEM buzz, we explored various providers; besides Lego Robotics and coding nothing much was offered.   STEM for kids definitely stood out with wide array of Programs and concept driven Curricula; we were instantly convinced to have found the right Platform.  We are looking forward to serving the local community with well-rounded STEM Programs”

“We are so thrilled to have Neelima and Sandeep provide their passionate energy to bringing the wonderful world of engineering, biomedicine, robotics and computer programming to young children in the Chicagoland”, says Moni Singh, the creator of STEM For Kids.

Learn more about the programs being offered in Palatine, Schaumburg and other northwest Chicago suburbs, or request programs at your site by visiting or email