Top 4 Worries Parents Have for the School Year During Corona Time

Morrisville, NC 8/21/20 

The results of the STEM For Kids’ 2020 Parent Customer Survey are in. This annual survey, collects feedback from parents across North America. We will be sharing the results in parts. Thank you to everyone from NC Triangle region who participated in the survey.

We know this school year has its unique set of challenges. This is what you told us.

Top 4 worries parents have regarding their children’s learning this year:

  • 94% are worried that their child will have limited opportunities to interact with their peers.
  • 91% are worried that their child is receiving less learning time with a live instructor.
  • 89% are worried that their child is receiving less structured learning time.
  • 89% are worried about reduced STEM enrichment options available at schools as schools shift focus to core subjects only.

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