Regular Classes

Grades K - 8. STEM / STEAM Classes throughout the year! After-school / evenings, weekends and weekdays (homeschool) in biomedics, engineering, robotics and computer programming.

Maximum Scheduling Flexibility for Parents

Camps, afterschool, beforeschool and weekend programs with hands on engineering, computing and robotics. Loads of fun for your children while you get maximum scheduling flexibility - pick full or partial program, full days or half days camp, all days or a few days.

Get Ahead of The Curve

STEM + 4C Career Skills- Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking

On-Site After School Programs

No hassle STEM - materials, equipment, instructor - brought to your site for preK, elementary and middle school students.

Extensive Line-up of STEM Programs

Innovative kid friendly curricula and delivery methods aligned with educational standards in science, math, language arts, technology and computer science.

Free introductory workshop - Engineering Extravaganza!

One - 1-hour duration intro workshop