WINTER Break CAMP - December 2021 - (12/20 to 12/23)


Dec 20th to Dec 22nd - Taste of STEM - No camp on 12/23 & 12/24

Monday - 12/20 : Unity Programming-Day1 :How are games designed? How can unity help us make games?
* Introduction to Game Design
* Learn Unity Interface
* Controls, Asset manipulation, creation
In-class Assignment: Pokeball/Sports project.
Tuesday - 12/21 :Unity Programming-Day2 Let's manipulate game objects with Code and Light up the game!
* Unity Prefabs
* Introduction to Lighting
* C# scripting
In-Class Assignment: Make a game level
Wednesday - 12/22: Unity Programming-Day3 :How about mountains, forests, water and fire? WoooW!! Special effects!
* Terrain Design
* Particle Systems
In-Class Assignment: Make a Mountain terrain with forest.
Thursday - 12/23: NO CAMP - Closed for CHRISTMAS
Friday - 12/24: NO CAMP - Closed for CHRISTMAS

  • Price for full day (9:00AM to 4:00 PM) week: $180.00
  • Price for half day (9:00 AM to Noon or 1:00 PM to 4:00PM) week: $125.00

Dec 27th to Dec 30th - Taste of STEM - No camp on Dec 31st.

Monday - 12/27 : Robotic Programming - Participants learn the basics of computer programming and apply it to design robots to complete various challenges. They will design, build and program Lego® WeDo robots. Creations include simple rovers and mechanical contraptions. The program specifically designed for young students, bundles designing, building, problem-solving, computer programming, critical thinking, collaboration and communication into one exciting program.
Tuesday - 12/28 : Computer Programming 1 :This is an exciting introduction to computer programming. Curriculum is designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to creators. Participants learn the basics of creating using computers through some unplugged activities followed by drag-and-drop programming, Various tools are utilized including and Scratch programming. They apply their programming skills to create simple programs, animations and games. Activities include: Unplugged Human Machine, We R Programming, Maze, Name Animation, Debugging
Wednesday - 12/29: Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Did you know that the brainpower inside your favorite smart device now houses over a billion transistors? These transistors are the fundamental building blocks of modern electronic devices. In this program participants explore the world of hardware ...electrical and electronic circuits. Participants learn basic concepts of an electric current, voltage, conduction, resistance while building circuits to do simple tasks like light a bulb, power a fan, make a functioning radio. From there they will look into electronics with transistors and integrated circuits. Note: Program is specifically designed for young students. No soldering! Circuit designs use regular 1.5V batteries.
Thursday - 12/30: Computer Game making Lab1 : We experience computers and its digital creations every day. It is not enough to just know how to use a computer anymore. Creating, developing computational thinking and ability to personalize & customize applications to solve your problems are needed skills too. Participants work with leading edge tools and learn to program and express their creativity as video games.
Friday - 12/31: NO CAMP - New Year Eve Day!

  • Price for full day (9:00AM to 4:00PM) week: $220.00
  • Price for half day (9:00AM to Noon or 1:00PM to 4:00PM) week: $170.00