Spring Break Camp at Wellesley Location: 3045 Lauderdale Drive, Richmond, VA, 23233

Day1 – 04/04 : Computer Programming 2 – App Building Studio: It is never too early to educate young children in the process of designing, launching and running an App. As participants are designing and building apps, they will learn the basic computer programming concepts of variables, user input, conditionals, loops, and data collection. Activities include: App-Potato!, What’s That STEM? App, Clicker Game App, Mad Libs App, Clocked In App.

Day2- 04/05 – Adventures with Air -An Introduction to Aerospace: Engineering for Kids! Discover and explore how we use air to work for us! Imagine, Create, Build, Test, and Re-imagine as you’re challenged to discover the amazing properties of air!

Day3- 04/06 – Robotics Programming – Discover Robotics: Roboteers will discover the amazing world of robotics with this hands-on Lego We Do 2.0 program. Explore how code collaborates with sensors and motors to make some pretty awesome robots. Students can look forward to making different model of Race cars, satellites, rovers and much more

Day4- 04/07 – Biomedical Engineering – The Organs: Utilizing our innovative STEM For Kids WayTM of taking complex real life applications and making them a child’s play, participants in this program will explore three organ systems in human body: Skeletal System – supports and protects the body while giving it shape and form Muscular System – enables movement through the contraction of muscles. Respiratory System – provides the body with oxygen. Engaging activities include the The bare bones on Joints!, Grippy Test, Get a Mask! and Prosthetics

Day5- 04/08 : Minecrafts programming- Minecraftopolis! We are pulling together the creative imaginations of Minecraft novices and gurus alike to build Minecraftopolis, the greatest city of all time! Discover how civil engineers collaborate with city planners to build awesome places to live, work, and play!